Earth Day: How can we be responsible with the environment as organizers?

Today, April 22, 2021, we celebrate Earth Day all around the world, a celebration that focuses on the importance of climate change and our responsibility for environmental issues.

Restoring the Earth should be a priority for us as consumers, as companies but most important, as living beings because due to our interests, we have lost connection and empathy with our resources and their nature, we have focused our priorities on mass production without having foreseen the consequences on our planet, which could be irreversible.


Therefore, we share 4 essential ways in which you can be responsible as an event organizer, as soon as face-to-face events will be being held again.

1.- Minimize the use of printed materials

Although this year it has been difficult to carry out face-to-face events, printed materials used to have a lot of presence in them, however, the digital age has given us tools to reduce paper consumption, so implementing technology use in events can be a good option.

2.- Choose a location accessible by public transport

Be considerate with the events attendees so that it is possible for them to arrive by public transport is to encourage their use, which allows polluting gas emissions to be reduced.

3.- Make responsible waste management

Although in many countries the management of the waste generated has correct regulations, there are other countries in which not much attention is paid to this issue and it is our responsibility as organizers to find ways to do a responsible management, for example, identify the materials to which we can give other uses either in future events or for another purpose.



4.- Maintain a discourse in favor of sustainability

As our events are a space full of influence and learning, we can and must maintain a dialogue with our attendees, motivating sustainable behaviors in their day to day and thus, making sustainability an important part of our ethics and commitment.

We all can contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation, as soon as we promote responsible actions from our trenches, so let's take care of the environment together and Let's Build Community!

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