The importance of the meetings and events industry is not so well known, as it is not talked about much despite comprising 16% of the Global Gross Domestic Product, however, for many of us, its importance lies in considering it a lifestyle.

As so, many of our interests connect us with other people who have the same passion as us, therefore, we identify the need for a space where we can not only share our experiences and perspectives during our trip as members of the industry, but also, where we have the possibility to impulse our projects, wishes, learnings and expectations, in order to state and grow ideas. Networking that actually works.

Hands up

The Meetings Nation was born in response to this need, so that it can be a place where we can connect with specialists, leaders and suppliers, also to enriching our opinions, points of view and experiences, then you, passionate about the industry, will find effective solutions for your networking needs in a place where the knowledge and beating heart of our industry are at the reach of your hand, giving you a head start in developing your strategies for growth.

So if you are here, it is because you want to be part of this new evolution that the industry is about to have, you are part of this innovation and the future of the industry through a place made for us, where we can be ourselves and create community. A nation of meetings, THE MEETINGS NATION, so join us and Let's Build Community!

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