Today the Global Meetings Industry Day was celebrated and our way of taking part was to connect with you through this new project whose purpose is to create the most relevant and productive digital community, where knowledge, transformation, networking and business thrive for all those who love and make of the meetings and events industry their way of living.

However, today we participated in several online celebrations, so we want to highlight five extraordinary learnings that the different speakers we had the honor to watch have left us, which, we consider, can summarize how incredible this industry is, despite the difficulties:


1. Resilience defines us

During the MPI incredible GMID21 celebration, Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, shared with us his  #YoNoMeQuito experience, alluding to the importance of not letting the industry fall, on the contrary, being constant in its recovery and strengthening.


2. Hybrid is here to stay

In the words of Derrick Johnson, Director of Event Strategy and Development of Talley Management Group, during Hospitality Today Live transmission, “Hybrid is the ultimate evolution of experience creation” and under that premise, the situation has taught us that hybrid formats are here to stay and we, as factors in this industry, must adapt.”

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3. The importance of empathy within the crisis

It has been a difficult year and although we have been taught to maintain a competitive spirit, supporting each other is our duty to rebuild the industry. Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM,  mentions, during her presentation at MPI GMID21, "Let's be kind, we're all recovering, we need to all work together"


4. Diversity is key
Antwone Stigall, CMP, DES, CED, CBC, was one of the speakers who touched on inclusion and diversity as a necessary topic in our present day during his conference for the MPI: "We must stop seeing diversity as a 'sensitive topic' and see it more as something to have fun and learn, when you don't understand something, accept it and keep learning ”.

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5. Online Experiences must be as powerful as face-to-face ones

Carina Bauer, IMEX CEO, spoke for Hospitality Today Live about her perspective : “True connection in the online world is difficult to create, what you can do in the physical world you can't deliver it on the online world, focused on that, if we think about somebody making an effort of being in the physical event, then we have to make sure that the experience is worthy. To make them really stand out. To look at sustainability. Selling your destination services something meaningful to your brand”.

We’ve witnessed so much knowledge and passion for the #MeetingsIndustry today, the ones that we can continue applying to strengthen this industry and to see it reborn more powerful than ever, something that we can achieve together, as a community.

Hopefully you can continue with us during this journey, #TheMeetingsNation comes at a good time to revolutionize the industry and we want you to be part of it!

Stay tuned and as we learned today, #LetsBuildCommunity.


The Meetings Nation Team.


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